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Search Engine Friendly

"Did you know that most store building or shopping cart software technology is like an invisible wall to search engines thus blocking out potential customers searching for your products?"

Builds Static HTML Pages

Purchase StaticStore the software to build static search engine friendly HTML pages for your online store or catalog.
Example templates help you along the way!

Easy To Use

"If the high costs and complexity of other store or catalog building software have stopped you from putting your store online, this is your solution!"

It's Compatible

Static Store's shopping cart is compatible with all major payment gateways.  If you have questions please contact us!

Loaded With Features

Static Store's has the features you need to build your search engine friendly online store quickly, efficiently, and without any knowledge except HTML and the ability to use an FTP client! 


Building Static HTML Product & Shopping Cart Pages Using StaticStore!

StaticStore is a full store and online catalog builder complete with a browser based store manager for categorizing, adding, copying, moving, editing, and deleting products from your product database. Static search engine friendly HTML pages are then created from the MySQL product database.

StaticStore is a robust store and online catalog builder and is able to categorize and build hundreds of product categories and thousands of static search engine friendly HTML product pages.
StaticStore will allow you to categorize and start adding products immediately upon installation. StaticStore is truly the most "search engine friendly" and "user friendly" store and online catalog builder available in the market today.

Search Engine Friendly
Creates static HTML category, product, and information pages like These pages will be crawlable by all search engine spiders/robots. You can optimize these pages easily changing on page text and also meta titles, descriptions, and keyword tags through simple inclusions of items like %%pagetitle%% or %%current_cat%% etc. on your templates which change when the static HTML pages are generated at the click of your mouse!

Easy To Use
The browser based administrative interface is easy to navigate. You can add multiple categories at once or singly. Add, delete, copy, edit, and move products singly or by multiple selection. Upload images for each specific product by browsing your computer using the image upload utility.

Create a few static HTML optimized search engine friendly product pages and categories or hundreds of categories/subcategories with thousands of products. They are all generated at the click of your mouse! The robust backend is built using MySQL to store your product information and store/catalog structure. Don't worry - StaticStore comes with a built-in database backup so you can backup and restore your database at the click of your mouse!

Flexible Design
StaticStore can integrate with any website design!

Avoid Typical Shopping Cart & Store Building Software Problems
  • You have the products, but they are not being found in the search engines or the ranking is very low.
  • Your current store or online catalog building software builds dynamic product pages which may be slow loading to the user, and/or cannot be indexed properly by the search engines.
  • Your current store or online catalog building software is hard to administer and/or hard to setup.
  • Your current store or online catalog building software isn't flexible enough to allow easy website design changes (you design your website around your store/catalog).
  • Your current store or online catalog building software isn't robust and/or uses a flat file database structure.

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