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Search Engine Friendly

"Did you know that most store building or shopping cart software technology is like an invisible wall to search engines thus blocking out potential customers searching for your products?"

Most store building and shopping cart software use dynamic page creation techniques for your online store (URLs that look like this - http://yourdomain/store/product.asp?sku=200956677&loc=20269&sp=1).

Not only do search engine spiders not follow these kinds of shopping cart product links, they are typically slower loading for visitors. This "double whammy" is an unnecessary hindrance to promoting your web site. It is hard enough to get search engine traffic, you don't have to make it harder!

Let your competitors use dynamic store building shopping cart software that is NOT INDEXABLE by the search engines and suffer the consequences - you don't have to!


Builds Static HTML Pages

Purchase StaticStore the software to build static search engine friendly HTML pages for your online store or catalog.
Example templates help you along the way!

StaticStore uses technology that lets search engines easily index its store building and shopping cart pages, complete with title tags, meta tags, heading tags, body text - everything a search engine needs to rank a page and return your store and it's products in the search results - right where your customers are looking!

StaticStore is just as easy to use and versatile as the other store building and shopping cart software with dynamic pages, but here is the advantage: every page StaticStore generates looks like this product page. Look familiar? Of course it does. It looks just like any other web page, not just to you, but to the search engines also!

You now have as many pages as you have products that can attract visitors in the search engines. You can now target keywords with your products using shopping cart in a way most of your competitors probably can't. You can now get the traffic from the search engines that your competitors probably can't.


Easy To Use

"If the high costs and complexity of other store or catalog building software have stopped you from putting your store online, this is your solution!"

It's Compatible

Static Store's shopping cart is compatible with all major payment gateways.  If you have questions please contact us!

Loaded With Features

Static Store's has the features you need to build your search engine friendly online store quickly, efficiently, and without any knowledge except HTML and the ability to use an FTP client! 

Here are the powerful benefits of using StaticStore:

Incredibly easy to use for you and your users

  • Generate hundreds or thousands of product pages with just a click!
  • Generate all your various product categories with just a click!
  • Generate bread crumb (i.e. Home > Shirts > Polo > Men's) and bottom of the page navigation (Next Page   Previous Page) with just a click!
  • Easily upload product images from your computer
  • Faster loading store building software pages will not annoy your visitors like your competitor's site does!

Incorporate your store into your existing website easily!

  • StaticStore uses simple templates that you can integrate your store easily
  • Every page further promotes your site and integrates with the look and feel of your existing site, no new web design necessary!
  • StaticStore uses your existing URL and doesn't need to send visitors to some strange URL they don't recognize
  • Built in Search facility allows users to search your entire store!
  • Already have a store?  Import your products from comma or tab delimited text files!

Never lose precious product information!

  • StaticStore has a 1 click database backup so you can save your entire product catalog at any time
  • The backup feature is if you decide to change domains or servers - you can restore your product catalog without having to redo your whole store!

StaticStore comes bundled with a special version of StaticCart

  • Implement your shopping cart easily into StaticStore templates
  • No special programming requirements needed
  • Example forms included
  • Setup routines guide you through the shopping cart configuration and installation process
  • Process orders offline by writing orders to a file, email, or both - with order confirmation emails sent to both you and the customer
  • Use one of the available payment gateways to pass the order to your merchant account/payment processor, or have a payment gateway customized for your use!

Don't end up with store building or shopping cart software that will severely limit your products online marketing ability. StaticStore is finally the answer for site administrators who need a versatile and flexible store building software and internet marketers who need every page to bring in valuable traffic from the search engines.

For hundreds of dollars less, you can get store building software that is indexable by the search engines, bringing more FREE traffic to your web site!

Call Us Toll Free in USA and Canada!


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